The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The team logo of the Galanes de Ciales: a silver circle dotted embossed silver triangles, on which a capital "G" in a squareish, sharp sans-serif font, in navy, shadowed in black and with highlights towards the top of the shield, sits. Pretty boring, huh?

Galanes de Ciales

Ciales Gallants

While Ciales is also famous for the heroes it gave the nation during the twentieth century, during the War for the Republic, the town was an important center of supply and reinforcement for the beleaguered Army of Liberation during its direst straits.

Campeonatos de la LNP


Liga Betances pennants


Campeonatos de las Ligas

1877 • 1890

Series Interdivisionales

1877 • 1890

Series Eliminatorias

1877 • 1890 • 1895

División Centro titles

1871 • 1876 • 1878 • 1895 • 1896 • 1902

Wild card berths

1874 • 1877 • 1884 • 1890

Affiliated Teams

Brandon Threshers (Western & Plains League)

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Notable Players


  • Príamo Sánchez: 1871-


  • Parque de los Valerosos: 1871-