The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.


An unaccustomed visitor to the Gaceta may, with some justification, wonder exactly what class of scribe feels drawn to a project with such a peculiar aim. There is, after all, plenty of baseball that can be warmly and fully chronicled without resorting to reconstructive writing.

Yet there is a coterie of valiant souls for whom the past is a friendlier field more engagingly traveled. Each of these rarae aves, as will soon be obvious, has been permitted to