The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The logo of Liga Betances: a red circle, bordered in dark red, with the words "Liga Betances" superimposed in black block font.

Liga Betances

A map of Puerto Rico on which the towns with teams in the Liga Betances are colored in red, with the teams' logos superimposed on the towns.

División del Noroeste

Northwestern Division

The logo of the Arzobispos de Aguada: orange "AA" in a bold font bordered in white on a black circle with blue speckling, bordered in orange.

Aguada Archbishops

The logo of the Colmillos de Aguadilla: A navy-blue "A" with weird irregular stylings in blue, against a yellow circle pockmarked with navy dots, bordered in blue and then navy.

Aguadilla Fangs

The logo of the Rebeldes de Moca: a lowercase "m" in maroon square font, bordered in black on a silver circle with thin maroon pinstripes, bordered in silver and maroon.

Moca Rebels

División del Oeste de la Cordillera

Western Mountain Division

The logo of the Fieles de Lares: a light blue "L" in Old English type, bordered in black on a white circle bordered in red and sky-blue.

Lares Loyalists

The logo of the Cítricos de Las Marías: a quirky gold "LM" bordered in black on an orange circle, bordered in yellow, green, and yellow again.

Las Marías Citrics

The logo of the Cafeteros de Maricao: a white "M" in quirky font bordered in black and then orange, on a brown circle bordered in dark brown and white.

Maricao Coffee Growers

División del Suroeste

Southwestern Division

The logo of the Combatientes de Cabo Rojo: a gold "CR" in modern font, bordered in black, on a green circle studded with black dots, bordered in navy-white-navy.

Cabo Rojo Combatants

The logo of the Romeros de Hormigueros: a navy "H" in a bold, forbidding typeface on a black circle dotted with green, bordered in green and then a dark magenta.

Hormigueros Pilgrims

The logo of the Marcianos de Lajas: a green "L" where the bottom is triangular, bordered in yellow, on a black circle bordered by a thin yellow line and a thicker green one.

Lajas Martians

División del Centro

Central Division

The team logo of the Galanes de Ciales: a silver circle dotted with black and bordered in navy, on which a capital "V" in navy, bordered in black, sits. Pretty boring, huh?

Ciales Gallants

The logo of the Sanisalvos de Morovis: a capital "M" in gold narrow type, bordered in black and pink against a brown circle with black diagonal lines, bordered in black and gold.

Morovis Safe-And-Sounds

The logo of the Caciques de Orocovis: a gold, wide O bordered in black and white on a dark green circle, which itself is bordered in gold and brown.

Orocovis Chieftains

División del Norte

Northern Division

The logo of the Lobos de Arecibo: a white "A" against a red circle with narrow black vertical lines, bordered in black and then gold.

Arecibo Wolves

The logo of the Canarios de Hatillo: a capital "H" in light blue West/playbill font, bordered in black and gold, on a white circle bordered in red and then black.

Hatillo Canarians

División del Sur

Southern Division

The logo of the Eléctricos de Guayanilla: a bold red "G" in square type, italicized, on a yellow circle bordered in red.

Guayanilla Electrics

The logo of the Güiristas de Peñuelas: a marine blue "P" in modern type, bordered in gold and white, on a black circle bordered in marine blue, white and marine blue again.

Peñuelas Güiro Makers

The logo of the Corsos de Yauco: an orange "Y" in a slightly rounded sans serif font, bordered in white and black, on a navy circle bordered in orange, white, orange.

Yauco Corsicans

División de la Metrópolis Sureña

Southern Metro Division

The logo of the Termales de Coamo: a pale golden "C" in thick block type on a white circle bordered in pale gold, black, and pale gold again.

Coamo Thermals

The logo of the Pescadores de Salinas: a navy blue "S" in a wide middle with thin tails, bordered in white, on a blue circle studded with navy, bordered in navy-white-navy.

Salinas Fishermen

The logo of the Corceles de Santa Isabel: a black "SI" in block type bordered in gold, on an orange circle bordered in blue.

Santa Isabel Steeds

División del Este de la Cordillera

Eastern Mountain Division

The logo of the Mulos de Aguas Buenas: a thick red "A" bordered in white on a black circle streaked with white spots, bordered in white-red-white.

Aguas Buenas Mules

The logo of the Palomas de Cidra: a dark brown "C" in copperplate font, bordered in paler brown, on a red circle gridded with more of the brown, bordered in coffee brown.

Cidra Doves

The logo of the Guabaleros de Comerío: an orange "C" in a bold goofy font, bordered in thin lines of white and then black, on a turquoise circle studded with orange, bordered in orange, red, and orange.

Comerío Whip Spiders

División de la Costa Norteña

Northern Coast Division

The logo of the Ejemplares de Dorado: a green "D" in fancy script on a black circle gridded with green, bordered in green.

Dorado Exemplars

The logo of the Martilleros de Vega Alta: a purple "VA" in an angular font with sharp edges, bordered in white and black, on a golden background dotted with black, bordered with black and then purple.

Vega Alta Hammerers

The logo of the Cañeros de Vega Baja: navy "VB" in athletic font bordered in white, on a red circle bordered in light blue, white, and light blue.

Vega Baja Canecutters

División Capitolina

Capital Division

The logo of the Guardacostas de Cataño: a black C, bordered in white and then gold, on a sky-blue circle.

Cataño Coast Guards

The logo of the Libertadores de Guaynabo: A silver "G" in thin script on a green circle, bordered in black and silver.

Guaynabo Liberators

The logo of the Metropolitanos de San Juan: a red SJ in thick sans-serif font, bordered in white on a navy circle bordered in white-red-white.

San Juan Metropolitans

División del Yunque

El Yunque Division

The logo of the Chupacabras de Canóvanas: gold "CC" letters in thick type, bordered in white, on top of a black circle striped thoroughly with purple, bordered with purple, blue, and purple.

Canóvanas Chupacabras

The logo of the Valencianos de Juncos: a brown "J" in flowery cursive on an orange circle, bordered in brown.

Juncos Valencians

The logo of the Cotorras de Río Grande: a bright red "R" in thick quirky type bordered in black and yellow on a green circle bordered in orange-yellow-orange.

Río Grande Parrots

División del Sureste

Southeastern Division

The logo of the Telegrafistas de Arroyo: a navy "A" in fancy font, bordered in gold and brown, on top of a light blue circle studded with brown, bordered in brown-white-brown.

Arroyo Telegraph Operators

The logo of the Artilleros de Maunabo: a light blue "M" in script on a navy circle studded with light blue stars, bordered in white and light blue.

Maunabo Cannoneers

The logo of the Cuervos de Patillas: a purple "P" in square font, bordered in blue, on a black circle studded with blue, bordered in blue and then purple.

Patillas Crows

División del Noreste

Northeastern Division

The logo of the Picudos de Ceiba: a "C" in white bold type on a blue circle, bordered in concentric white-blue-white.

Ceiba Marlins

The logo of the Soles de Luquillo: a dark red "L" in fancy curlicue font on a background of gold with black spheres, bordered in black and then white.

Luquillo Suns

The logo of the Navegadores de Naguabo: a gold "N" set off against a diamond pattern of sapphire blue and black, bordered in navy-gold-navy.

Naguabo Navigators