The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The logo of the Mulos de Aguas Buenas: a thick red "A" bordered in white on a very, very dark blue circle streaked with small white triangular designs, bordered in white-red-white.

Mulos de Aguas Buenas

Aguas Buenas Mules

Legend has it that the monks of Montserrat built their monastery around a statue of the Virgin Mary that refused to move. The Virgin of Montserrat is Aguas Buenas’ matron saint, and perhaps inspires the famous stubbornness that gave the townspeople their baseball team’s name.

Mascot: Ñoquilenga

(ñoco “stubborn” + realenga “stray, feral”)

Ñoquilenga, the mascot of the Mulos de Aguas Buenas, is a tough little horse, chestnut in body with red markings all over the back, as well as tail hairs and mane; black hooves and snout, and angry, angry eyes. Don't stand behind it. You can't take the kick.

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Affiliated Teams

Derby Rams (League of the British Isles)

Notable Players


  • Miguel Chávez: 1871-


  • Parque de Aguas Buenas: 1871-