The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The logo of the Corsarios de Quebradillas: a blue "Q" in a segmented modern font, on a white circle with brick patterns in black, bordered by blue and then brown.

Corsarios de Quebradillas

Quebradillas Corsairs

Puerto Hermina, the most famous beach in the town of Quebradillas, has the ruins of a pirate cove on it. Despite the residents’ strenuous denials, the entire town has since been nicknamed, perhaps unfairly, la guarida del pirata—”the pirate’s hideout.”

Campeonatos de la LNP


Liga Hostos pennants


Campeonatos de las Ligas


Series Interdivisionales


Series Eliminatorias

1873 • 1875 • 1883 • 1885 • 1887

División Noroeste titles

1872 • 1873 • 1875 • 1883 • 1885 • 1887 • 1893 • 1894

Wild card berths

1895 • 1896

Affiliated Teams

Sherbrooke Privateers (Royal Canadian Baseball League)

Notable Players


  • Federico Delgado: 1871-1902.
  • Erasmo Delgado: 1902-


  • Campo de los Piratas: 1871-