The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The logo of Liga Hostos: a blue circle bordered in navy, with the words "Liga Hostos" superimposed in white decorative serif font.

Liga Hostos

A map of Puerto Rico on which the towns with teams in the Liga Hostos are colored in blue, with the teams' logos superimposed on the towns.

División del Noroeste

Northwestern Division

The logo of the Quesiteros de Isabela: a yellow "I" in bold comic type, bordered and shadowed in black, on a red circle criss-crossed with translucent white pinstripes, bordered in black-yellow-black.

Isabela Cheese Eaters

The logo of the Corsarios de Quebradillas: a blue "Q" in a segmented modern font, on a white circle with brick patterns in brown, bordered in brown-blue-brown.

Quebradillas Corsairs

The logo of the Pepinos de San Sebastián: narrow white "SS" outlined in black and white, on a black circle pinstriped with gray, bordered in white-black-white.

San Sebastián Cucumbers

División del Oeste

Western Division

The logo of the Matadioses de Añasco: a golden capital "A" in Gothic font on a red circle streaked through with black patterning, bordered in black and then white.

Añasco Godslayers

The logo of the Capitanes de Mayagüez: a red "M" in modern type, bordered in white, on a navy circle bordered in red-white-red.

Mayagüez Captains

The logo of the Ingenieros de Rincón: a black cursive "R" bordered in white and then red, on a green circle streaked with black lines, bordered in black-white-black.

Rincón Engineers

División del Suroeste

Southwestern Division

The logo of the Amigos de Guánica: a gold "G" with a deep angled bottom corner, bordered in black on a circle of light blue, bordered itself in black, pink, and black again.

Guánica Friends

The logo of the Tejedores de Sabana Grande: a purple "SG" in athletic script, bordered in black and then gold, on a teal circle bordered in purple-white-purple.

Sabana Grande Weavers

The logo of the Golondrinas de San Germán: a black "SG" in Gothic type on a pink circle bordered in white and then black.

San Germán Swallows

División del Oeste de la Cordillera

Western Mountain Division

The logo of the Santos de Adjuntas: a green gothic "A" bordered in white on a purple circle streaked with black dots, bordered with black and then white.

Adjuntas Saints

The logo of the Cerros de Jayuya: a dark green "J" in boss type with spikes on the outside edges, on a white circle bordered in silver and dark green.

Jayuya Peaks

The logo of the Arribeños de Utuado: a squarely-built light blue "U" bordered in white and brown on a brown circle, bordered in black and light blue.

Utuado Highlanders

División del Norte

Northern Division

The logo of the Marineros de Barceloneta: a golden B in athletic stencil type shadowed in navy, on a circle of navy with a grid of lighter blue-gray, surrounded by a gold-white-gold border.

Barceloneta Sailors

The logo of the Mogotes de Florida: a red "F" in a modern flowery type, bordered in black on a green circle, bordered in yellow and red.

Florida Hills

The logo of the Acropolitanos de Manatí: a hot pink M in a serif book style font, bordered in black, on a light blue circle, bordered in hot pink-black-hot pink.

Manatí Acropolis Dwellers

División de la Metrópolis Sureña

Southern Metro Division

The logo of the Reyes de Juana Díaz: a golden "JD" in a spiky, angular font, on a Roman purple circle bordered in gold, black and gold again.

Juana Díaz Kings

The logo of the Señores de Ponce: a gothic "P" in gold bordered in black, on a red circle bordered in gold-black-gold.

Ponce Lords

The logo of the Mercaderes de Villalba: a gold, slightly cursive "V" on a navy circle, bordered in white and teal.

Villalba Merchants

División del Sur del Valle Costero

Southern Coastal Valley Division

The logo of the Fríos de Aibonito: a lowercase bold cursive "a" in orange, bordered in black, on a blue circle with a dark blue snowflake behind it, bordered in black, then orange, then black.

Aibonito Cold Ones

The logo of the Cornúpetas de Cayey: a silver "C" in a somewhat Gothic font, almost like a picture frame, outlined in black and embossed in silver, sits on a red circle crisscrossed by thin silver lines, contained within silver-black-silver concentric circles.

Cayey Horn Attackers

The logo of the Hechiceros de Guayama: a very light blue "G" in cursive on a dark purple circle, bordered in that very light blue.

Guayama Sorcerers

División del Este de la Cordillera

Eastern Mountain Division

The logo of the Ilustres de Barranquitas: a very fancy white "B" on a purple circle bordered in black-gold-black.

Barranquitas Eminences

The logo of the Mofongueros de Corozal: a swashed green "C" on a gold circle, bordered in green-black-green.

Corozal Mofongo Eaters

The logo of the Changos de Naranjito: an orange "N" in an italicized bold font bordered in white and black, on a purple circle bordered in black and orange.

Naranjito Brilliances

División del Oeste Metropolitano

Western Metro Division

The logo of the Lecheros de Bayamón: a navy blue B bordered in black against a golden circle streaked with small black lines, bordered in navy.

Bayamón Milkmen

The logo of the Poetas de Toa Alta: "TA" in black Gothic font, bordered in white, on a purple glossy circle bordered in black-gold-black.

Toa Alta Poets

The logo of the Jinetes de Toa Baja: "TB" in white gothic font, bordered and shadowed in black, on a green circle bordered in white, then black, then white.

Toa Baja Riders

División del Este Metropolitano

Eastern Metro Division

The logo of the Tumbabrazos de Carolina: an orange "C" in slanted modern angular font, bordered in white and then dark brown, on a brown circle bordered in orange.

Carolina Arm Hackers

The team logo of the Vejigantes De Loíza: a purple "L" in curvy block font, bordered in silver, on a black circle bordered in purple-silver-purple.

Loíza Bladdermasks

The logo of the Macabeos de Trujillo Alto: a golden bold block "TA" bordered in indigo, on a white circle bordered in indigo and then gold.

Trujillo Alto Fritters

División del Valle del Turabo

Turabo Valley Division

The logo of the Coquís de Caguas: black "CC" in bold serif type, bordered in white, on a gold circle with very faint black patterning, bordered in black.

Caguas Coquís

The logo of the Taínos de Gurabo: a navy "G" in embossed block font, outlined in black and white, on an orange circle bordered in navy-white-navy.

Gurabo Taínos

The logo of the Leyendas de San Lorenzo: the letters "SL" in black Western-style serif font, bordered in white, on a yellow circle bordered in red-black-red.

San Lorenzo Legends

División del Este

Eastern Division

The logo of the Milagrosos de Humacao: a tall "H" in dark gray, bordered in black, on a silver circle studded with gray, bordered in navy, cyan, then navy.

Humacao Miracles

The logo of the Menestrales de Las Piedras: a cursive dark green "LP" on a dark blue circle, bordered in silver-green-silver.

Las Piedras Artisans

The logo of the Dulceros de Yabucoa: a lowercase "y" in black, bordered in orange, on a yellow circle, bordered in orange and then green.

Yabucoa Confectioners

División del Archipiélago

Archipelagic Division

The logo of the Tortugas de Culebra: a light aquamarine "C" on a dandelion-yellow circle covered in a pattern of golden, bevelled turtle shell, bordered in aquamarine-black-aquamarine.

Culebra Turtles

The logo of the Insolentes de Fajardo: a saffron classic sans-serif "F" on a steel circle bordered in black-saffron-steel.

Fajardo Insolents

The logo of the Esqueletos de Vieques: a narrow red "V" bordered in white and then black, on a purple circle where every other pixel is in black, bordered with black-red-black.

Vieques Skeletons