The logo of the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña: a big sky-blue circle, bordered in red and white, surrounding a smaller circle of darker blue with white borders, superimposed on which is a red-and-white nautical star that hosts the acronym "LNP" in black block letters.

Gaceta de la Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña

150 years of the best baseball in the universe—all in one place.

The logo of the Esqueletos de Vieques: a narrow red "V" bordered in white and then black, on a purple circle where every other pixel is in black, bordered with black-red-black.

Esqueletos de Vieques

Vieques Skeletons

Vieques has seen more waves of settlement than most of Puerto Rico—both from Europeans, as the island has been claimed by Scots, Danes, and Prussians at different times, and from Arawak people like the Igneri, predecessors of the Taínos.

Mascot: Tibiambino

(tibia “tibia” + bambino “slugger”)

We're not sure why a skeleton would want to play baseball, but here we are: Tibiambino, the mascot of the Esqueletos de Vieques, is a giant pink skeleton, shadowed in red, whose black eye sockets have picked up your pitch, and he is wielding a purple bone that is going to send that pitch 150+ meters over the center field wall.

Campeonatos de la LNP


Liga Hostos pennants


Campeonatos de las Ligas


Series Interdivisionales

1894 • 1895

Series Eliminatorias

1875 • 1883 • 1886 • 1894 • 1895 • 1897

División Archipiélago titles

1871 • 1875 • 1883 • 1884 • 1885 • 1886 • 1887 • 1888 • 1889 • 1890 • 1891 • 1892 • 1893 • 1894 • 1895 • 1897

Wild card berths


Affiliated Teams

San Marcos Cadavers (Frontier Baseball League)

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Notable Players


  • Natán Cobos: 1871-


  • Parque de Vieques: 1871-